07 May 2006

Featured Poet: Raymond L. Bianchi

Raymond L. Bianchi runs Chicago Postmodern Poetry and the Blog Postmodern Collage Poetry.
He has published Circular Descent on Blaze Vox and American Master on moria e-books. He is currently working on translations for an anthology of Brazilian poets.

Highest Scream

Tragedy lies in the fact that men struggle to reach the same objective by different roads, each one genuinely believing in his own mission and holding himself in duty bound to follow his own road without any regard for the others.

Nature herself decides according to the rules of her inexorable logic. She leaves these diverse groups to compete with one another and dispute the palm of victory and thus she chooses the clearest, shortest and surest way along which she leads the movement to its final goal.

How could one decide from outside which is the best way, if the forces at hand were not allowed free play, if the final decision were to rest with the doctrinaire judgment of men who are so infatuated with their own superior knowledge that their minds are not open to accept the indisputable proof presented by manifest success, which in the last analysis always gives the final confirmation of the justice of a course of action.

Chiefly to Me in rendering praise and glory to My Name, and in referring to Me the graces and the gifts which she sees and knows she has received from Me; and rendering to herself that which she sees herself to have merited, knowing that she does not even exist of herself, and attributing to Me, and not to herself, her being, which she knows she has received by grace from Me, and every other grace which she has received besides. "And she seems to herself to be ungrateful for so many benefits, and

Negligent, in that she has not made the most of her time, and the graces she has received, and so seems to herself worthy of suffering; wherefore she becomes odious and displeasing to herself through her guilt. And this founds the virtue of discretion on knowledge of self, that is, on true humility, for, were this humility not in the soul, the soul would be indiscreet, Of the means which the soul takes to arrive at pure and generous love; and here begins the

habiéndome herido; salí tras ti clamando, y eras ido.

Buscando mis amores, iré por esos montes y riberas; ni cogeré las flores, ni temeré las fieras, y pasaré los fuertes y fronteras.

¡Oh bosques y espesuras, plantadas por la mano del Amado! ¡

Results of Child Abuse

wisdom of life that is to say, the free play of forces, finally brought to realization the general evolution of things it took a century of struggle, placed the best in the position that it had merited. And that will always be so. Therefore it is not to be regretted if different men set out to attain the same objective. In this way the strongest and swiftest becomes recognized and turns out to be the victor.

a second cause for the fact that often in the lives of nations several movements which show the same characteristics strive along different ways to reach what appears to be the same goal. It is not at all tragic, but just something that rightly calls forth pity. a sad mixture of envy, jealousy, ambition, and the itch for taking what belongs to others.

Unfortunately these failings are often found united in single specimens of the human species. The moment a man arises who profoundly understands the distress of his people and, having diagnosed the evil with perfect accuracy, takes measures to cure it; the moment he fixes his aim and chooses the means to reach it – then paltry and pettifogging people become all attention and eagerly follow the doings of this man who has thus come before the public gaze. Just like sparrows

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