05 May 2008

Featured Poet: Patrick Durgin

Patrick F. Durgin has taught literature and writing at SUNY-Buffalo, The College of St. Catherine, the University of Michigan, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His poetry and scholarly writings appear in issues of Aerial: Contemporary Poetics as Critical Theory, Arizona Quarterly, Aufgabe, Chicago Review, Denver Quarterly, Disability Studies Quarterly, The Poetry Project Newsletter, and numerous others. He is founding editor and publisher of Kenning Editions and was, for several years, contributing editor of the Electronic Poetry Center. In July 2007, Atticus/Finch published his fourth chapbook of poetry (Imitation Poems) and Atelos Press will publish his collaboration with poet-translator Jen Hofer (The Route) in 2008.

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Something can occur to us
as nothing
but it doesn’t occur
to shake a finger at
or foist a stake into

A kind of proleptic exhaustion
or common sense, or
what’s the same


In an instant
of extramission
an identical plot
of land
is prepared and the gates
are slid over the granite squares
and the green
of the blades of grass exhales

It is summer

It is supper


Right for being real
or manifest to one
the more of us
starved and slithering
face up from below


Dusk arrives, drizzles dim
hues for blacktop
staring across the sun
there are no angles
or no bedrock

A bevy of vendors
surrounds the flower beds
we sort them out of sight


Mostly there is nothing
to know, although one is
right to evacuate
the city

Loyally saying one’s predictions
in the right means
nothing if not
in order
Any encumbrance
one’s motive
removed to face another


The rain emaciates itself
like a foil to the instincts
of the city’s body
where the vapors are only
more or less
with us
more or less horizontally
though there are no angles

©Copyright 2008 Patrick Durgin