27 March 2012

Featured Poet: Ryan Clark

Arizona SB 1070: A Homophonic Translation

Set in our / Arizona, / in / our legislature, / in our air, a session / wanted to / stop a living / act.

Men live in fear of Arizona, or visit statues near there of fear in Arizona, or visit statues of frightened faces near nothing, there in tears in our faces, tattoos of our terror in Arizona, or visit statues bitten, sawed, torn and then turned to a fence or a wall of fear, a wall of any word for ending, or if all of Arizona revisits statues, and if art chopped here all of our Arizona, or visits to a dissection of our event, of our relation to lawfully present lines.
(these awful lines of ache)

1       See a person who violates this section as guilty.
2       Words justify the house in dollars,
3       the violence in hate, full of armor I legalize.
4       Is fear an object to find in
5       rivers of love.
6       Is it under our love, ours, our vices too. Is amen read
7       under the love in empathy. Is a line of rope en-
8       ough for our volume of n-
9       ecks. I feel a noose inside our riv-
10     er made of fence.
11     An employer shall not knowingly employ an unauthorized alien.
12     If we name a race, contract an other toward a r-
13     iver, drag remainders
14     to work for us--our alien, our right to
15     personness, our contraction, our line, our form.
16     Our other violates us, us, us.
17     Beat the other river. Say trash rips open and foreign
18     violations come
19     out breaking social security. Ameri-
20     ca never arrived as some foreigner in a riv-
21     er, or as a foreigner illegally, a noun--
22     hardly a noun--a feral race on the shores
23     of a state. Hurt them, lawyer. Shove violence in.
24     I fucked her, shoved it inside her, scripted it
25     for her, for our country. May I never touch
26     her violated cunt again. This subsection shall
27     be construed to prohibit the feeling of us and our-
28     s. My fear is a river over-
29     flowing our race,
30     our national origin, as if they were
31     us also, under our noise. All
32     unauthored aliens are waste mired in river-
33     s of our agency, mazes of state-
34     ment. One of us is an attorney for our count-
35     ry, for our authors, authoriz-
36     ing a whiter government for us, to get the dust out.
37     Their river is dust relocated, emptied
38     in a bin gently from a nation, churning, stir-
39     ring into us, in me, ours. A surer
40     author than us will verify our governed person-
41     hood. Say this is our version of life as a
42     failure of us. Say we are this section of faces at r-
43     est in war.

1       After an investigation, the attorney general or county attorney
2       determine some plan. This isn’t a frivolous
3       need here for learners to find
4       status. Migrate into us in formation. Author us alien.
5       What river country holds all
6       of our meanings in the horizon
7       there, sure enough for us not to try to cr-
8       ross over, to not see if the land
9       is really filled with horror
10     and revulsion. A sun set on us he-
11     re, against the Arizona tourist air,
12     where rise alien employees or lawyers and
13     attorneys all drenched in a river of violen-
14     ce. Say this occurs before rivers. Show us the end.
15     A view of this is based only on an author’s alien w-
16     orld that morphed during a short r-
17     evolution of this section, our section, our subsection A.
18     A foreign actor researched a r-
19     ole dying in a river as
20     practical data.
21     If I dive into this
22     one, a river of line as described in our graph here, what is
23     on the shore.
24     A short order: Return nation
25     unheard alien.
26     Be ashore, reader, for us. Tether your
27     fear to our fear, for the current is a line
28     perforating the rope. In a river we flow where
29     carried in a form proven to tear us f-
30     rom every other. This is
31     location, our authored line for a reader.
32     Color it for us to ride off with. The
33     country in here is safer, ordered
34     off as a state. There is remain-
35     der in this. Say and. The fear will
36     inch away, lurking on the horizon instead.
37     Courts ordered the appropriate agency to U.S. lines, subjected
38     this division to our reality. Fear here is
39     a signature. Division trained our signs
40     for order. I is all I, an us that are suspended under this.
41     Dive in here, in us ending at river, in
42     aid of a white country not white anyway. Our
43     view is fences, our stately
44     terror fences, for ours is divid-
45     ed. Hours spent revising our I’s shut.

© 2012 Ryan Clark