08 July 2009

Featured Poet: Andrew Lundwall

a mess dancing on invisible hooks. blowing & tearing a place. before talk. sublime nothings. destination incredible fast. frame minutes. stoned. mystery nails climb amazed with eat. horse-loads. of spear-point butterflies egrizazzigate. a fountain of fool. will know like the surface of a fall. record stuff. 50,000 whats rotgut. stir with recognize. stir with thirst worm wakings. 50,000 year old rotgut. keeps a vine-eyed ground below a-guessing. where it is. like a-guessing is/was wooden & precious. afflicted zeros caressed serpents. caressed serpents devour. caressed serpents devour incredible kittens.

medicinal ache. the body scans zoom in. remember. was artificial like shape spree. benzodiazepine surprise. senses tinted with chakra fever. a clinical lisped pseudonym habitats. insomnia scenes. glare slurping fugitive amusements. ceremonies of drug everything in a desensitized incline. bees crawl like halos is what is. images have hidden radio rooms. shock the fuschias out of. complex like unbuttoned torchlight. like untangling ninteteenth-century occult fog. the flow of a brick horse chronic with hunch. inkstains engaged in smouldering cursive. multi-limbed withdrawal. the letters home. the feeling of. & the letters home. dear _______. a blue voluptuousness wrecked precious eyeballs. blundered newer new. traumatic in tens. boxes of glanced blind back at the hemispheres. e.g. invisible dining in inconclusive minds are like spiral to destiny. a careless locality.

can of what follows. include numb weather of 1,929 years. other impotent. invalid fuchsia nerves. thoroughly. the trance of what you like. special dice. stations drop splendidly like a treatment. a trick tall dream sensation. must have like problems. a waterway of eyes to guard. all that white-haired ceremonies of grotesque secrets the real deepens. bundle of concerning the grunt of founding muzzles is moon. the charm of assumption's rhythm & its pilgrimage to no place. means the sedative kissed history. anywhere hearts dipped in fragments of slimy wallpaper. hypnotic donkeys writhe awake hastily in brooding forecast flexing mars. a glow heavy lane doses that time there were many anchored in incredible menstruations. a heaving crown. incongruities including hissing. but then. it is unusual arithmetic. notes of uninterrupted foreskin grows back. teeth painted in elevators of rotten skills. croquet as afflictions. one laughing & the other definite. degrees of static into a house had its fireside. augment the limestone bald & two images volley damn fluently. urging such see becoming swarming.

Andrew Lundwall is the editor of Scantily Clad Press (http://scantilycladpress.blogspot.com) Recent poems have appeared in La Petite Zine, RealPoetik, Robot Melon, Tight, & Action, Yes. He has released three chapbooks, klang, honorable mention, & funtime, a collaboration with Adam Fieled.

© Copyright 2009 Andrew Lundwall