24 December 2007

Featured Poet: Adam Fieled

Adam Fieled presents five poems from What Is and What Should Never Be, his newest manuscript. He is reading at Kate the Great's Book Emporium (5550 N. Broadway, Chicago) on Thursday, January 3. The reading also includes Larry Sawyer, Lina ramona Vitkauskas, Melissa Severin, and the editor of this blog-journal.

The Rain Song

It is constrained by water-wheels

It is beneath a tide of shorelines

It is in this way I reach out to you

I give you a seal made of pillows

I give you a pledge made of sheets

I want to be buried beneath you

as you move mountains off of

all in us exhausted by rain fall

all in us exhausted

all in us

I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

Can I see through miasmic

swamp of “I,” until I am all

alone with you, wrapped in

green clouds, tapping leafy

veins, rooted deep in an air

that is nowhere, & is endless?

Your deep cuteness makes all

things possible, probabilities

aside, & I want you, heavily.

In the Light

I was sunken in steamed

clarities, psalm-pasted, &

I rose from water-coffin

distances, skin wrinkled,

hair damp, sleet-grey sky,

naked bodies open arms,

I found God a towel, I

knew creation a bitches

brew, & saw for miles

Babe I’m Gonna Leave You

I take the weight of white out,

spherical wrinkle-coated burdens,

lay them down (whitely) in a big

blast in a cul-de-sac hieroglyph’d

shelter that stretches like melted

glass coated/slick, enact a vague

sun rising/disappearing on a vast

horizon, yes all this just to see you

open your mouth, daisy-glazed to

be used this way (I mean when it

happens you bow to it), then leave,

& I’m ready to leave you now


I split apart from you

I say you are not me, or

you are an old version

of me as a blues song,

but just as the universe

does not fit into 12 bars

or three chords or a pick

plucking a minor third,

my mind’s purview, big

enough to bust a dam,

takes you and rolls you

(roll, baby, roll) into no

ball but a baseball and

hurls you at a slugger

who bats you in an arc

over a Green Monster—

that’s how we’re split

© Adam Fieled 2007