25 July 2014

Featured Poet: Paul Cunningham

from "The House of the Tree of Sores"

A kitchen: where bombs and explosions are constantly cooked up
where zombified Swedish Chef fits large and small hands
(a spoiling milk in the West) continually spills
onto Miss Misshandlade & Miss Misstanke

Nothing spills on Miss Indiana because her body is “normal”
Normal is a good thing, you should look more normal,
the mockmilk whispers.
Pour batter into prepared bowl

a bowl is a shed is a shedding
is a clean shed or a shed of fakes?
a should snusk a snusk shed?
identisk, translation’s tisk tisk

translation, needle in a höstack
a whole stack, a sales rack
a hate-stack, bombar dem
bombard them, feja or fejka?

Brush a grill gate with spring tension adjuster
Add 20 #7 x 7/8” flat-head screws
Add ¾ cup of decorative bolts
Preheat oven to 375’ F

Use a slotted spoon to churn headboard
Use a slotted spoon to mix the sweet
Add 2 side frames, Add 4 adjustable shelves
Add a layer of caramelized connection sleeve

melon, knocksharps the skull
kitchen offers a mallet, a gavel, a kavel
dough-rolling a skulle, dough-rolling a should
feja skola och fejka skola?

translation, a fruit contains a secret mjölk
clayed over by peel, inte gråta över spilld mjölk?
peel-removal; glöd-core; våld-core
suga sockret, suger socker

More boomashootns, the mockmilk whispers
puppetland, with its gun-shaped hand
home of damaged dream-appliances
microwave-safe, fits in the bowl of all sinks

puppetstringchoked sinkhole
sings a green song a salad mean song
veggie stalks tangled up in an armature wire
a stringy ooze out of mockmilk mouth utters

Copyright © 2014 Paul Cunningham